«Если я это сделаю, я стану лучшим в мире», - говорит потенциальный рекордсмен Маршан, утверждая, что за всю свою долгую жизнь проехал на велосипеде сотни тысяч километров.

«Я знаю, что по всему миру, в Китае, в США, в России, уже ищут кого-то, кто бы мог побить мой рекорд».

Маршан живет один, водит машину, сам готовит и убирает квартиру. Он говорит, что никогда не курил, предпочитая этой пагубной привычке женщин и хорошее вино.

Необычные жизненные силы француза уже заинтересовали ученых из научно-исследовательского института INSERM, которые каждые три месяца тестируют Маршана, пытаясь разгадать секрет его долголетия и отменного здоровья.

«Они говорят, что у меня конституция 55-летнего мужчины, считая, что это генетическая (особенность). Я никогда ни в чем себе не отказывал: ни в вине, ни в еде, ни в женщинах, но во всем придерживался умеренности».


0 #18 savewcal 11.03.2022 05:21
Anyway, something big ... I'm afraid I say.The bottom line is that.Don't do any more, posting serially on communication with is not completed.This is also, wrote in the (20 days seems to fit in my style to tell you about it ...^^), Part 2, culminating in a wad of triplicate six weeks, at least to show you.At least, worse, would take more than a year, a few months. The reomyeon ^^Then, perhaps

0 #17 savewcal 10.03.2022 07:21
Didn't want something like this ...However, the 'like' box?What 'this'?Why, the initial confession did to so broken up about?It's just, you ...I wish I may, without a confession.Why so much I have to admit.Am ... which had been surrounded by an obsessionUnable to know.What do you, ... only not clear.But Cena is now, these terribly sick.

0 #16 betgoca 10.03.2022 07:20
Nelly, who was waiting, saw Sina's expression and misunderstood it and said it. "Fan ID"! Until now, I couldn't meet Hilato. Even if you're sad, please bear with me! A week is soon!" "Yeah..." Sina said unclearly. No wonder... My heart ached like crazy. That side of the game... So, I shouldn't have gotten close to him... For Sina,

0 #15 우리카지노 09.03.2022 05:53
Since the woman involved in the "crime washing" was also a royal family, there were sounds of whispering here and there about what fate was it. Therefore, Ludrat decided not to fully believe Andylus' friendly words. "Thank you for your words." It's not decided yet. I don't think this story suits me right now.

loastcoastranch.net/ - 우리카지노
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I was willing to share. He even talks about "Kylus Sword" by mentioning rumors about Shinawa. I hope you come to your world soon. But Ludrat somehow found out that Andylus was trying to think of him. The other day, anyway. He is not a very warm person among the royal families now. Although he is here after washing up his old sins. Ha

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0 #13 loastcoastranch 07.03.2022 12:01
"seuon aseuterin your!" He was a woman.She is Sina had walked, but to the snow didn't even give us, aseuterin aseuterin only when she clung to her with open arms."Rusa Bella!" Rusa Bella?!Cena is what she has 'Rusa Bella', once again that a close look at her.Fairly tall.About 175 centimeters to be.

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Chimnae after and give up.- Ha?What on earth, and a fountain? ', then, one of these gravel coming to the footsteps of I Street.Very fast, light, sound, and Cena is somehow in this difficult situation to celebrate the people came running in the fact that you looked back.Run someone shouted.

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After watching the behavior back to bring a person or for a while." seuon aseuterin you your? why ...Nim is still scream, " It is the future queen, injury, blood dripping from his arm.In addition, Sina is reaching out to the aseuterin was more painful to run away with the other side of the bench screamed away.Or don't get one or two or three times then.

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Sina was disbelief is mooning over that saw her in.Do you happen to have that girl is not we thought, then the future of this world is Well I would like to be tteoke a bold idea occurred to me.Anyway - Once those wounds as they have had to treatment, or walked over to her.So embarrassed you thought that an act, really crazy long before me.

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Whether it's in the middle of this ballroom...It doesn't matter," Racers looked around the ballroom. They're here? Elijahion sighed and said. "Racers. Tell me honestly." Is Luon still unhappy with Loudat? Is that so? Isn't it that he can't forgive being in a glass palace?

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